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Corporate service providers in Mauritius provide a wide range of tailor made services to Corporates and listed companies, based on current business trends, expert knowledge, best practices, and information technology advancements in the field of corporate affairs.

Mauritius based Corporate service providers have professionals in their field of business, with international expertise and exposure and extensive experience in the global financial sector. This group of specialists work interdependently to provide legal, taxation, finance, market advice, and many other services, and also provide knowledge on associated risk factors to their existing clients and prospective business prospects.

Corporate management services in Mauritius offer tailor-made and effective service and action plans to business individuals and corporates. This in turn leads to businesses putting up a positive and sustainable trade and good quality of service.

Consequently, those corporates that may contemplate increasing their business presence, within Africa and beyond, while in keeping in tandem with their company’s business plans, must look to acquire the services of a professionally managed and FSC regulated entity, registered to provide corporate services.                                                                       

Mauritius has companies providing corporate management services, which specialize in financial services, providing premier services for high-end clientele, through licensed Management and corporate Trust Licensing authorities and are also regulated by the FSC, Mauritius.

The Mauritius International Financial Centre (MIFC) has, over the years, emerged as a jurisdiction of choice for corporations and individuals. It offers quality services through its modern and innovative legal framework, based on world class best practices. It has built a solid reputation of a well-regulated centre, ensuring confidentiality and security for those engaged in legitimate business, in addition to its compliance with internationally accepted norms of supervision. The Mauritian jurisdiction has been growing ever since its establishment in the early 90s, with the number of business vehicles increasing year after year. Currently, it boasts more than 20,000 registered business entities, with roughly over 1,000 funds

It’s with this in mind that, corporates, institutions and private business entities look forward to FSC regulated management companies in Mauritius to be provided exemplary service and advice on corporate and fiduciary management and corporate administration among others.

Among the many advantages with Mauritius is that it has a double taxation avoidance agreement (DTAA) with many countries, especially the African countries. Additionally, the island boasts of good governance and investor protection, through a number of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs) and the established Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). With these agreements and their strong ties to African countries, Mauritius is considered to be an entry to the African market.

Therefore, Mauritius is destined to be an important financial hub for corporates looking for management and fiduciary service providers in the Sub Saharan region. As a result, Mauritius based management companies service providers like Loita are crucial service providers for business expansion and providing advisory services related to these market structures. Mauritius is therefore poised to become a key financial centre in the sub Saharan region for its valuable management and fiduciary services.

Alongside the high-end management service corporations, there are equally dynamic independent management companies in Mauritius that exhibit their capabilities in consulting, Corporate Administration, among other services provided.

With this expertise, independent management companies Mauritius, help their domestic and international clientele to grasp and assimilate the economics of their venture, thereby, empowering them to make relevant choices and decisions.

Among the many services provided by Management Services Companies in Mauritius include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Corporate Formation and Administration Services: Incorporating and administering a comprehensive selection of corporate vehicles including limited liability partnerships, limited duration and guarantee companies, and private trust companies
  2. Corporate Secretarial Services: including provision of registered office, resident agent, company secretary, local or resident directors, nominee shareholders, maintenance of statutory records and filing of statutory returns.
  3. Redomiciliation: Service provided regarding the migration of companies from one jurisdiction to another.
  4. Accounting and related services: Accounting certified professionals (By ACCA and MIPA) who providing bookkeeping, preparation of annual accounts, financial reporting, auditor liaison and supervision, corporate tax returns, assistance with tax authority enquiries and VAT registration and returns.
  5. Trustee and Fiduciary services: Services include the setting up, and settlement of a variety of trusts.

Corporate management service firms situated in Mauritius have diverse groups of employees with some individuals having bilingual abilities and in-depth expertise built on a foundation of continuous training, resulting in a positive and successful engagement with clients.

As a result, high net-worth individuals, private and listed companies see value in their interactions with corporate management services in Mauritius, which helps them structure ventures through Mauritius and utilise these benefits.

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