Ensure your business operations comply with laws and regulations with our reliable compliance solutions. We service out clients with tailored compliance solutions, and consulting services to help you navigate the complex compliance landscape.

With this increased regulatory focus on compliance by the authorities, it is vital to have a comprehensive AML/CFT program in place. LMS offers a range of AML/CFT solutions to support your business in becoming AML/CFT compliant and maintaining compliance.

Our compliance services include:

  • Provision of Compliance and MLRO services
  • Compliance reviews and reports
  • Development & maintenance of risk assessment of your organisation
  • Development of AML/CFT program
  • Due diligence screening service for your clients (includes UN Sanction list, simplified due diligence & enhanced due diligence)
  • FATCA & CRS Filing
  • AML/CFT training and education
  • Advisory services on AML system, issues and reporting
  • Any other ad-hoc compliance services


LMS as a trusted corporate service provider, is committed to safeguard personal information of our clients as we fully recognise that protecting both internal and client data is the foundation of an efficient, proactive and compliant organisation.

Our experienced compliance team at LMS will ensure that our services, privacy and information security compliance, identification of data processes and risk assessment are in line with the data protection legislation; the Data Protection Act 2017 aligned with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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