The Secret to Setting Up a Successful Business in Mauritius

by | Dec 14, 2021 | blog

There are a number of reasons why entrepreneurs, foreign investors, consultants, and multinational companies are interested in setting up their operations in Mauritius. It is the leading country in Africa for Good Governance (Ibrahim Index of African Governance), hosts several internationally recognised banks, offers a pool of highly qualified bilingual professionals, and has a flexible, safe and reliable jurisdiction – to name but a few of the advantages.

That said, in spite of the country being well known for the ease of doing business on its shores, setting up a successful business in any foreign jurisdiction can be challenging. In fact, setting up a business at all, regardless of where, is no mean feat. Particularly in a post-Covid world, where the safety and logistical considerations and rules have changed in the interest of public and global safety.

The key to establishing an office that’s incorporated overseas is to rely on expert help. A secret weapon, if you will, that comes along in the form of a corporate administrator.

Too often I’ve seen companies struggle to establish themselves overseas. While every business faces unique challenges, it’s generally after a conversation to unpack their journey that I discover that many of their stumbling blocks could have been overcome or avoided altogether with reliable, expert administrative guidance.

Understanding the Role of a Corporate Administrator

A corporate administrator plays a significant role in overseeing the correct establishment of a company office that’s incorporated overseas. They subsequently provide the necessary substance to the overseas office.

While their role may appear to only involve administrative tasks, including handling paperwork required by the domestic and foreign institutions and regulators, maintaining company records, preparing corporate communications, and making sure that your company complies with corporate laws and regulations, this isn’t the case. Corporate administrators are also tasked with assisting in the implementation of best practices for governance and management, ensuring the efficient performance of all departments in your business.

The Missing Link in Your Success

Over and above their administrative duties, corporate administrators work diligently to ensure that your business’ offshore operations run smoothly, often meeting and/or liaising with board members and senior management to make sure that business goals are aligned.

It is in bridging this gap that they provide what is perhaps their most underrated, but in my opinion highly essential, service. They help your workforce understand and realise the overall goals of the business – not to mention providing the motivation required to achieve these goals.

As an independent director at Loita Management Services with over 20 years’ experience, I have worked closely with multi-national clients, advising and undertaking a more practical, hands-on role in assisting companies with setting up their global ventures. With this experience, I have been able to set up companies that include entities under capital markets structures.

Notably, we provide services to help clients acquire investment dealer licences and provide administrative services on setting up and managing all related activities. Now, with an increasing number of businesses looking to set up their operations in overseas jurisdictions like Mauritius, the need for corporate administrative assistance is more important than ever. There is a need to do this with someone who has experience and knowledge of these systems and procedures, given that it is an FSC requirement to have businesses established and run by a management company (MC).

At Loita Management Services, we offer advisory and administrative services in the global business, trust, and global financial sectors to international world-class organisations, individual investors and high net worth individuals, corporates, and multi-nationals working in multiple jurisdictions wishing to establish a presence in or related to Mauritius.

By Kim Guého

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